5 Top Tips to get the most out of your Alpha Stim or Fisher Wallace Device

1. Don’t use it just before bed

Cranial Electrotherapy used to be called Electrosleep, as people envisioned wearing the device whilst sleeping. This was until it was realised that people’s alertness increased directly after use. Generally, the advice is therefore to use it several hours before bed, as this will put your brain into an alpha-state whilst you wind down in the evening.


2. For maximum results, use it twice a day, daily

The therapy has a cumulative effect on relieving anxiety, insomnia and depression. With day-to-day use, you should see rapid reduction in your symptoms and ultimately you may even choose to stop using the device.


3. Listen to binaural beats or classical music whilst using the device

Binaural beats help to put your mind into a more meditative state, by focusing your attention onto the music and letting go of any distracting thoughts. Combining this with CES amplifies the calming effect of Electrotherapy.


4. Make sure the electrodes are sufficiently wet before use

The human skin can be incredibly resistant to electricity when dry. Dry skin can be up to 200 times more resistant than wet skin. By wetting your electrodes sufficiently with saline solution, you will not only feel more comfortable, but also allow the treatment to have much greater effect.


5. Lower the current and increase the duration

When you increase the current, you will often feel some side-effects, these being nausea, dizziness or harsh tingling. The general advice is to start higher and lower it until these effects subside. Although If you reduce the current to much lower than 300µA, you may not feel anything at all. You can strengthen the treatment by extending the time to 40 minutes, but no longer. If you still wish to use higher currents, then 20 minutes should suffice.